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Monthly Archives January 2016

I’m back

Well, I’ve been locked out of our website for the past 3 months basically because of hacking attempts.  I finally found a way around my security plugin in order to remove it and change it so I should now be back.  I’m hoping to post at least weekly.

A lot of the posts I’ve tried to make in the past have been deleted before they got posted.  I have trouble seeing God and what He is doing at times so I try to help Him out with a blog post, a prayer letter comment, a facebook post or just random conversation with someone.  However, I’m getting a lot better at seeing God moving before I hit that post button but not always.  Posts about a new car, pastors not answering their phone, disagreements between churches and so much more have more often than not, been deleted before they got posted.  I am seeing God teach and train me.  I’m just slow in the learning of lessons.

Sometimes the lack of posts isn’t because I have nothing to say, it’s because I’m learning to keep my mouth shut and lean on God more.