God’s amazing hand

Deputation is an amazing journey.  God takes us places and introduces us to people we would never otherwise get a chance to come in contact with.  He has shown us connections and associations that go beyond mere coincidence.  We have met people who know people we know and so much more beyond that.

Last week we were at a mission conference and the speaker/preacher was Pastor Don Jackson from a church in Iowa.  After we presented and showed our video, he came up shared something amazing with us.  His church was one of the early churches our pastor from Germany presented at when they were on deputation as missionaries and they had been one of their supporting churches.

We are missionaries to the American Military in Germany because God had sent missionaries to Germany when we were in the military and needed a church and pastor.  Words don’t do justice to how amazing it is to be able to meet someone who had a hand in what we had when we were over there.

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