Sharing Christ with the US Military in Germany

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Monthly Archives March 2015

Recent hacking attacks

Recently, this website has gotten a lot of new registered users and login attempts.  The users are listed on most spambot websites as robots.  I delete them as soon after I am notified about them as I can.  However, I recently had an attempt to login under MY username.

If you see anything strange or unsettling on the website, please let me know at

Independent Baptist Classified Ads

I recently posted an ad on a website that lists classified ads for independent Baptists.  I didn’t want to sound greedy or needy but I wanted to see if God might use it to bring meetings I might otherwise miss.  The title was supposed to be “Missionaries seeking meetings and support” but got shortened to “Missionaries seeking support”.  An unfortunate shortening of the title but it’s still in God’s hands.

If you are here because of that ad, Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I have my meetings posted on the calender here and it should be up to date.  If you have any questions, please ask and I will try to answer as honestly and best I can.

We are seeking meetings and support but we will go anywhere God opens the door up.  He has taken us to very small churches (4 in the service at one church we presented at) and very large ones.   Each place God takes us to, He has something for us.  Prayer support, encouragement, knowledge, contacts and sometimes financial support.  Currently we are at 20% suppport so we try to keep to shorter trips (6 to 12 hours from Memphis) but if God opens  a door to a meeting, He will get us there as well.

We don’t sing or play musical instruments at all but are willing to work or help out in any way we can.

Thank you and God Bless

God’s amazing hand

Deputation is an amazing journey.  God takes us places and introduces us to people we would never otherwise get a chance to come in contact with.  He has shown us connections and associations that go beyond mere coincidence.  We have met people who know people we know and so much more beyond that.

Last week we were at a mission conference and the speaker/preacher was Pastor Don Jackson from a church in Iowa.  After we presented and showed our video, he came up shared something amazing with us.  His church was one of the early churches our pastor from Germany presented at when they were on deputation as missionaries and they had been one of their supporting churches.

We are missionaries to the American Military in Germany because God had sent missionaries to Germany when we were in the military and needed a church and pastor.  Words don’t do justice to how amazing it is to be able to meet someone who had a hand in what we had when we were over there.