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Monthly Archives February 2015

Please pray for traveling mercies

Earlier this week some missionary friends of ours traveling in an area that had just gotten snow mixed with ice and rain had an accident.  The van they were traveling in hit an icy patch on the highway, spun around and hit a guard rail then came to rest facing oncoming traffic.  No one was hurt but everyone was shook up and there was some damage to the vehicle.

We travel around 5000 miles a month and satan knows how important our vehicle is to what we are doing now.  Please pray for God’s hand of protection upon us and any missionaries you know.  A lot of mission conferences are scheduled for the winter time and this year has been very icy.  Even when the roads are clear, the results of the weather are lots of pot holes and other road damage.   The trip we are on right now has shown us miles of highway at a time with more potholes than flat road.  The number of cars sitting on the side of the road with multiple flat tires or broken suspension is scary.  I have never seen the roads this tore up and dangerous.

Right now, I average one oil change a month as well as an alignment and tire balancing every six months because of potholes and road damage.  I’ve already had to replace a control arm and my struts are starting to make noises.  The weather and road conditions are only going to make things worse.  Please pray for our car and traveling mercies.

Please pray for traveling safety and mercy for ALL missionaries.

Learning and Growing

We were at a larger church a while ago for a mission conference.  We barely got a chance to present.  Finally, after a week of being there, we left and received a love offering check.  It was very small and didn’t even cover the cost of our gas one way, much less the return trip or the few meals that weren’t provided.  We were very blessed by the trip, the preaching and the people we met.  However, I still had problems with bitterness about the size of the check.

Deputation isn’t about money, even tho it is.  As I said, we were very blessed by the trip, the preaching and the people we met.  But it still was difficult to get past.  So I tried praying that God would bless and grow the church every time I had a bitter thought.  Oddly enough, God blessed me over and over as I tried to move past.  There might be a valuable lesson here…