Encourage yourself in the Lord

One of the most important things a Christian must learn how to do is to encourage themselves in the Lord.  We see David do this over 1 Sam 30 when everyone is against him.  We all have people we can turn to that will encourage us when we are down.  Spouses, friends, our pastor.  This is why church attendance and fellowship is so important; to build those relationships and for encouragement.  Even Pastors have friends they turn to when they have problems and just need a person to listen to them.

However, there are times and places in our lives when we won’t have anyone to turn to but the Lord and those are the times when it’s most important to have a relationship with Him.  We must be able to not only talk to Him but hear Him when He talks to us.  Often times we are too busy, too cluttered or just too distracted to hear Him when He talks to us.

Offense is going to come into our lives.  We will get discouraged, offended and hurt.  We need to build a strong and firm relationship with Christ so that when they do, we can turn to Him and encourage ourselves through Him.

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