A New Year

When I started this, my plan was to make a post about once a week to keep people involved in what we were doing, where we were going, our prayer needs and just as a way to jot down some thoughts.  Unfortunately, I got busier than I thought I would (deputation really is a full time job) and it was one of many things that fell by the way side.  Well, here we are.  A brand new year and with it all the hope and promise that comes with new beginnings.  So I’ll try again and see where it goes.

I would like to ask for prayer for my Father-in-Law, Ralph Brand.  We visited Sheila’s dad back in September when we were presenting at a church near where she grew up.  He was in good shape and we had a really good visit.  He had a couple “senior moments” but at 79, those seemed normal.  Over the next couple of months he started having some health issues and was hospitalized three times for severe disorientation that seemed to be from dehydration.  The last time he was hospitalized he was diagnosed with dementia.

We visited him the week before Christmas and he was having one good day followed by one bad day.  He was very disoriented and had trouble with people and places on his bad days but on his good days, he seemed normal.  He went into a physical rehab hospital to see if he could get some strength back into his legs to help him get around and maybe the physical help would help on the mental side of things as well.

Two days ago he had three bad days in a row and had to be sedated because he was getting physical with the people around him.  He woke up and had another good day.  However, yesterday, he got very upset, dumped out his wife’s purse and struck a friend who was talking with him to try and calm him down.  He has been moved to a facility that deals with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s and they are evaluating him to see if they can help him.

Please keep Ralph, his wife Shirley, his daughter Sheila, his grand daughter Alana and everyone else in your prayers.  This seems to be moving so very very fast and it’s hard to get a grip on what is happening.

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