God’s sense of humor and His goodness

Every place I go, I end up talking about how I love cold weather and snow.  I mention that because I’ve lived in Mississippi for the last 13 years, I really miss cold weather.  Well, God took me up on that and then some.

We were in Louisiana to present at two different church.  On the way down, the blower fan on our heater/AC stopped working and we smelled a burnt smell.  After checking it, we discovered the wiring at the fan motor had shorted out and burnt up.  However, God protected us and what could have been a car fire was just a small incident.  The mornings were cold but I discovered I could turn the heat on and the outside air would push in the heat.

One of the churches we were presenting at put us up in a 5th wheel RV.  This was exactly what we had been looking at for deputation so it was really exciting to be able to stay in one.  However, the owner of the 5th wheel had removed the propane tanks to refill them and had forgotten to replace them.  Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue but a cold snap had dropped the temperature down to around 40 degrees one night.  God had again given me my cold weather.  But he did put a small electric space heater in one of the closets and we were actually very comfortable.

God gave me my cold weather and did it with a twist of His own humor while showing us His goodness and love.

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