God is good even when we aren’t

Recently made a huge deputation mistake but God blessed us anyway.

We were at a mission conference and a missionary there told us about a church we needed to go to.  He told us they had a conference coming up that was part mission conference and part music celebration.  He also stated we needed to go because they gave large love offerings to missionaries.  So I started chasing a love offering.

I researched the church like I always do and found a few things that worried me but nothing major.  I had never heard of the singers or any of the preachers but it was a good distance from us so I figured it was just a new area.  I should have looked up the singers on youtube but just stuffed my head in the sand and looked forward to the meeting.

We went and it was a contemporary christian music service followed by preaching.  The preaching was amazing and God really touched my heart but the music service before the preaching made it difficult to get into the spirit.  However, God still moved and touched my heart through the preaching.

It really opened my eyes when I was talking with one of the singers and they really didn’t understand the problem with their music.  I tried to explain that the tempo and beat didn’t bring Christ to my mind but instead brought me back to my lost days and various rock concerts I went to.  He understood but didn’t see a problem.  Later during a training session, a preacher taught on various emergent church practices and teachings including new age chanting.  That evening we sang at least 4 different songs that were seven words long, repeated over and over.

They truly want to serve Christ and honestly believe what they are doing is right but satan has blinded their eyes to the truth with small degrees of error.  It was very telling when there was more of a response to the music than there was to the preaching.

However, what I did was even worse.  I knew right from wrong and chose to do wrong anyway.  I chased money and failed to research a church and it’s beliefs enough to understand what we were getting into.  God fed us anyway.  The three sermons we heard touched my heart and have inspired me to change some things in my life.

Finally, the love offering I chased was just barely enough to cover our expenses.  God covered our expenses and fed us spiritually even when I failed to do right.  God is good even when we aren’t…

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