Why are we amazed when God is God

Last week we started a two week journey thru Kansas.  We had a meeting on Wednesday night, then one all day Sunday at the church we attended while we were stationed at Ft. Riley.  Monday started a 3 day conference and from there we’d pass thru home on our way to another Sunday meeting.  It was a full two weeks but I did have some questions about where/how we would spend the time between the Wednesday night meeting and the all day Sunday meeting.  Not too worried, we hit the road.

While traveling, I got a call from the pastor of the church we would be going to for the second Sunday meeting.  He needed to reschedule us because a building project had hurt the church finances and he wanted to be able to take care of us.  Then the secretary for the pastor of the 3 day meeting called us and canceled.  The pastor had an issue come up in his church and wanted to deal with it before having anyone in.   A two week trip had suddenly become just two meetings and I still had no idea where we were going to stay Thursday thru Saturday.

As just a little extra problem, we stopped by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to do a little bit of deputation sightseeing on the way past only to find out that they stopped selling tickets to go up at 4:30 pm (we got there at 4:45).

But God is God and has promised to always take care of us.  The pastor of the church we attended while stationed at Ft. Riley gave me the phone number of a pastor who was having a week long camp meeting.  He was providing motel rooms for $25 a night.  We called and he was glad to have us come visit for the last two days of his meeting.  And because we were missionaries he wanted to provide the rooms for free!

The meeting was amazing.  God truly moved in all the services.  We saw a man who had been a faithful church member for 44 years get saved the last night as well as several dedications and other decisions.  I also had 5 different pastors come up to talk with me about possibly having us in to present with one setting up a meeting on the spot.  But God wasn’t done being God.

Each day they served lunch and dinner while also providing a bit for breakfast too.  Sheila and Alana jumped right in to help with the serving and cleaning.  I tried to help some but a kitchen full of women really don’t want a man around for the most part.  They did let me carry out some trash and move around some heavy crock pots tho.  The pastor was so impressed with my wife and daughter just jumping in and working that he took us on for support right there!  He wants us to come back and present but he’s taking us on for support even before that.

I knew God would take care of us but I still got worried and depressed when the two meetings dropped from our calender.  He not only took care of us, He filled our cup with blessings and overflowed it.  And he brought us a supporting church we haven’t presented in yet just to top it all off.

And I still stand amazed.

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