Time can sure get away from you

Well, once again, I’ve managed to let almost an entire month go without making a post.  It’s funny how time can slip through our fingers without us ever noticing. Whenever I mention tithing to someone, I always mention that tithing included time and not just money.  A tenth of all thine increase is how the Bible puts it.  Ask anyone diagnosed with a terminal disease or who have lost a loved one the value of just one more day and you’ll get a much different answer than most of us seem to place on a day.  Yet, clearly, I’ve not yet managed to value my time enough to make sure I account for it sufficiently to get things like this done.

Deputation is an amazing journey.  Each day we see God’s hand in so many way.  He blesses us so abundantly.  Just this week a church we visited answered a need we hadn’t voiced to anyone and God met several other needs we had in ways that defy explanation.  Please pray I learn to better value and use my time.

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