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Monthly Archives September 2014

Pray for your Pastor, your church and other churches

About two months ago, we were in a church and the pastor was telling us about how when he first came to the church it had a lot of problems both internally and in the community because of those internal problems.  The pastor, his family and the church went through a lot of heartache and hardship but appear to be coming out the other side of the storm.

About a month ago, our home church came under attack from two different directions at the same time.

Yesterday just before I started preaching, I got a text from a Pastor friend of mine asking for prayer as he was getting ready to meet with a man who meant to do harm to both the church and the pastor personally.

The church we visited last night on a drop in was having Pastor appreciation day.  It had been planned for quite a while.  It was a very different day than they had originally planned because last week a family got up and tried to vote out the pastor.

Each day I call many churches and talk to many pastors.  Quite a few are hurting or the church is having trouble.  Some are just tired or stressed out.  Some are having issues with sin in their church.  Many are having financial issues.

You may never know the problems your pastor faces or the attacks of satan upon him and the church that he deals with each day but that doesn’t mean everything is ok.  We are in a war.  Each day satan battles against us.  Each day there are casualties.

Please take time to pray for your pastor.  Pray for his family as they serve right beside him.  Take time to encourage them with a kind word, a kind deed or even to just let them know you prayed for them today.  Pray for all those doing God’s work each day.  Prayer is how we lift each other up to God.  Encouragement is how we lift each other up.  Please take the time to do both.

Time can sure get away from you

Well, once again, I’ve managed to let almost an entire month go without making a post.  It’s funny how time can slip through our fingers without us ever noticing. Whenever I mention tithing to someone, I always mention that tithing included time and not just money.  A tenth of all thine increase is how the Bible puts it.  Ask anyone diagnosed with a terminal disease or who have lost a loved one the value of just one more day and you’ll get a much different answer than most of us seem to place on a day.  Yet, clearly, I’ve not yet managed to value my time enough to make sure I account for it sufficiently to get things like this done.

Deputation is an amazing journey.  Each day we see God’s hand in so many way.  He blesses us so abundantly.  Just this week a church we visited answered a need we hadn’t voiced to anyone and God met several other needs we had in ways that defy explanation.  Please pray I learn to better value and use my time.