Sharing Christ with the US Military in Germany

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The problem with being a missionary to the military

Before I call each church to try and book a meeting, I research it.  I look it up on the internet and look over it’s statement of belief’s.  I look at it’s music standards, it’s belief’s on the King James bible, where does it stand on Calvinism and many other areas.  I look it up on the internet, youtube, phone books and anywhere else I an get information from.  You see, as a missionary going to Germany to start a church to the US Military, I am in a unique position that most missionary pastors are not.

Most missionary pastors start churches to an area, grow that church and the people that become part of that church, then turn it over to a local pastor to continue shepherding.  Most of the people that join that church will stay where that church is or in the country where the church was started.

I will start a church who’s members constantly leave for other churches.  I may get a few locals who join the church.  I may even be able to one day turn it over to one of them and go start a new church somewhere else.  But most of my members will eventually leave for churches spread throughout the world but primarily in the US.

Some of them will even end up in churches that support us.

I must be very careful about the churches I visit because members of the church I pastor in Germany may eventually become members of the churches that support me.  If we have different doctrines, there is a chance of confusion being planted.  Satan always thrives where confusion is.

I may be overreacting and God will take care of it all but I’d rather err on the side of caution.  It limits the number of churches I can contact but God is in control and He’ll bring me the support where He wants it to come from.