God’s blessings along the way

I went to Office Max to get a new prop for when I present.  I needed a picture printed out and I needed it about poster size.  During the process, I decided to have it mounted to a foam core to make it more rigid and usable and after I saw how easily the picture could be marred and scratched I decided to have it laminated.  Throughout the whole process the gentleman who was doing the work was having problems.  Eventually, when I mentioned the laminating, he asked me to come back another day when a more knowledgeable employee was there.  When the work was finally done, I had exactly what I needed.  The cost for the printing was $10, the mounting was $8 and the laminating was $3.  Because of the problems the cost to me was $4.  And I got a chance to explain why I needed it which gave me a chance to witness to at least 3 people directly and several more standing around listening.

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