Count your blessings

I recently completed our latest prayer letter and mailed it out.  Two months ago when I mailed it out, I sent out 30 envelopes and 13 e-mails.  I try to send one to each church we have visited or will visit.  I also have a few individuals that I send one to as well for various reasons.  If a church will allow me to, I e-mail the prayer letter instead of mailing it to save on postage, envelopes and ink.  I have a prayer letter sign up form here on the website in the prayer letter section but I’ve also been putting out a sign up form at the last few churches we’ve been at so right now, the e-mail goes to more individuals than churches.

When we sent out our prayer letter this morning, we mailed 70 envelopes and sent out 29 e-mails.  In two months, the Lord has more than doubled the number of people we are sending our prayer letter to.  Since most of the mailed out prayer letters represents a church we have or will be visiting, you can see how the Lord has blessed our calendar.  I knew God was filling in our schedule but until we sat down and processed* those prayer letters the number of extra churches in the past two months wasn’t really that noticeable.

Often times I think I miss out on certain blessings because I’m not thankful for the ones I’ve received.  Too often I walk around with spiritual blinders on; so focused on certain things that I miss everything else.  Please pray for or join me as I try to take a few minutes each day to be more aware and thankful for the blessing God surrounds us with each day that we ignore or just plain miss.




*(Print, sign, fold, insert into envelope, lick envelope and seal the put a stamp on it – Thank you Sheila for all your hard work and for letting me help a little)

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