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God’s blessings along the way

I went to Office Max to get a new prop for when I present.  I needed a picture printed out and I needed it about poster size.  During the process, I decided to have it mounted to a foam core to make it more rigid and usable and after I saw how easily the picture could be marred and scratched I decided to have it laminated.  Throughout the whole process the gentleman who was doing the work was having problems.  Eventually, when I mentioned the laminating, he asked me to come back another day when a more knowledgeable employee was there.  When the work was finally done, I had exactly what I needed.  The cost for the printing was $10, the mounting was $8 and the laminating was $3.  Because of the problems the cost to me was $4.  And I got a chance to explain why I needed it which gave me a chance to witness to at least 3 people directly and several more standing around listening.

Count your blessings

I recently completed our latest prayer letter and mailed it out.  Two months ago when I mailed it out, I sent out 30 envelopes and 13 e-mails.  I try to send one to each church we have visited or will visit.  I also have a few individuals that I send one to as well for various reasons.  If a church will allow me to, I e-mail the prayer letter instead of mailing it to save on postage, envelopes and ink.  I have a prayer letter sign up form here on the website in the prayer letter section but I’ve also been putting out a sign up form at the last few churches we’ve been at so right now, the e-mail goes to more individuals than churches.

When we sent out our prayer letter this morning, we mailed 70 envelopes and sent out 29 e-mails.  In two months, the Lord has more than doubled the number of people we are sending our prayer letter to.  Since most of the mailed out prayer letters represents a church we have or will be visiting, you can see how the Lord has blessed our calendar.  I knew God was filling in our schedule but until we sat down and processed* those prayer letters the number of extra churches in the past two months wasn’t really that noticeable.

Often times I think I miss out on certain blessings because I’m not thankful for the ones I’ve received.  Too often I walk around with spiritual blinders on; so focused on certain things that I miss everything else.  Please pray for or join me as I try to take a few minutes each day to be more aware and thankful for the blessing God surrounds us with each day that we ignore or just plain miss.




*(Print, sign, fold, insert into envelope, lick envelope and seal the put a stamp on it – Thank you Sheila for all your hard work and for letting me help a little)

July 3rd

As we get ready to tell America Happy Birthday, I can’t help but think back on all the blessings we have.  Our personal and religious freedoms are under attack every day yet we still have more freedoms than most of the world.  I constantly see churches list the missionaries they support with the note that some aren’t listed because the countries they are in are hostile towards the Gospel and those who would share it.  I hope it never gets to the point where American become so intolerant of the truth that our own preachers and parishioners must hide and meet in secret but it certainly feels like that is where we are headed.  We must remember that 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that we are in the shape we are in not because the lost are taking our freedoms but because we refuse to stand up for them.  America is the nation it is because wise men were guided by God as they established it and brave men and women have paid and are paying the price for our freedom.  If we wish to continue with all the blessings we have, we must also humble ourselves before God, pray and truly seek His face.