May 27th was my last day at work.  May 31st we left for BIMI Candidate school where we attended missionary classes almost all day long.  It was exhausting mentally and physically but we were greatly blessed by God.  We met 3 men with a combined 150 years of missionary experience with BIMI.  Every person there was more than willing to share their knowledge and advice.  We made many friends and even a few contacts.  It was a blessed time.

We left Chattanooga Saturday morning, picked up Alana in Memphis that afternoon and ended the day in Missouri where we presented Sunday.  We were due to present during the evening service but because we were in the area and didn’t have a meeting for the morning, the pastor allowed me to preach in children’s church.  Almost all the children helped me teach about David and Goliath and the lessons you find there.

We drove back to Memphis, swapped out clothes and headed to a small town in the middle of Mississippi for a mission conference.  The pastor called it a Mission’s Revival and it was most definitely that.  Great preaching and different missionary presentations touched our hearts.

We left the mission’s revival on Wednesday and headed for Georgia on Friday.  We were given the opportunity to present in the church of our pastor from Germany on Father’s day as well as spend a week with him.  It was quite a blessing.  We didn’t have a meeting for that Wednesday night so we dropped into another church in that area and the pastor asked me to preach.  It was a great time.  From there we visited a church on Thursday night near Atlanta that was home to some friends of our from Kansas.  Arriving home on Friday we were able to relax a bit before going on organized soulwinning with our home church where I am scheduled to present this Sunday night.

God has kept us busy but it’s been a good busy with many old friends, plenty of new ones and an abundance of blessings.

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