Full Time Deputation

We’ve been in full time deputation now for two weeks and the Lord has kept us so busy that I haven’t had much time to stop and think about it.  Each day I wake up and am amazed that God has not only called us into this work but counted me worthy for it.

My last day at work was kind of surreal for me.  It was my last day on the job.  When I left, I would be living by faith and waiting on God for all my needs.  Yet no one else seemed to notice.  Only three of the four people I worked with that day said goodbye and it was just barely for two of them.  A handshake and “Good luck” as they left.  It was so completely abnormal to me because it was so completely normal to them.

But God has kept us busy since then.  May 27th was my last day and we left for Missionary Candidate School at BIMI on May 31st.  We spent a week getting up at 5:30 am and going to bed each night after 11 pm.  During the day in classes, fellowship and church services, we had our heads packed full of useful information, advice and wisdom from those who had gone before us and who were still serving now.  It was kind of overwhelming at times but God was truly with us and showed Himself often.

We left Saturday morning and drove the 8 hours home, picked up Alana and left an hour later to drive 4 hours into Missouri for a meeting that Sunday.  It was originally supposed to be a Sunday night meeting but the pastor put us up Saturday night and allowed me to preach in Children’s Church on Sunday morning.  The people of that church were very welcoming and showed us Christ’s love in them.  It was an added blessing to meet the parents of a teach that Alana had when she was younger and to thank them for what they put into their daughter who in turn passed onto our daughter.

Monday through Wednesday we are in a mission conference at a small church in Lambert, MS.  It’s only about 75 minutes from where we live so we drive back and forth each day which allows us to sleep in our own beds each night.  We’ve been in some very nice places but nothing really beats home.  The pastor has said it’s not a mission’s conference so much as a mission’s revival and the Holy Spirit surely has moved each night.

We leave Friday to present at a church in Georgia.  The pastor there is our pastor from Germany.  He is the man who planted the seed for the burden we now carry.  It’s a little bit overwhelming to think about.  He planted, others watered and God gave the increase.  Where would we be if he hadn’t been faithful to go?

Please pray for meetings and support.  God is opening many doors and our cup is filled to overflowing but I never want to get to that point where we have not because we asked not.  God Bless.

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