God is so good

I have less than a month left at work.  Once I leave work, I will be depending on God and the generosity of others for everything from the food on my table and the gas in my car to the roof over my head and even my healthcare.  I know God will take care of us.  I have seen Him take care of us over and over.  Yet satan knows my weakness.  Each day he attacks me with doubts about what we are doing, if this is truly what God wants and even God’s ability to take care of us.  The closer we get to that day when we truly step out on faith, the more intense and frequent these attacks get. Yet each day God shows me His power, His mercy and His love.  He proves to me that not only is this His will for my life but He is able to carry us thru it.  Each day he brings some one or something new into my life to strengthen my faith and show me He will take care of me.

I over think things.  I’m susceptible to doubt.  I plan things out too much.  But God loves me anyway, and He puts up with me anyway.  He shows me every single day He’s going to carry me thru it.  God is so good.

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