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Monthly Archives February 2014

A really good visit

This past Sunday, we presented at a church in Pine Bluff, AR.  We presented that Sunday morning and then had a lunch meal fellowship.  They have service that afternoon after the fellowship meal.  Because my evening meeting had canceled, we were able to stay and I was given the opportunity to preach at their afternoon service.  It is never easy to preach on a Sunday afternoon with a full belly to a group of people who also have a full belly but the service went very well.  The fellowship of the people was very touching and we were truly blessed by being there.  After the events and trials of the past month it was a refreshing and needed visit.

A difficult two weeks

The last time I posted I noted that deputation was a time of training and that God was using it to train and mold me for what was to come.  Little did I know how right I was or how difficult the past two weeks would be.

We are going to sell our house around June 1st and hit the road full time on deputation when school finishes.  I’ve already told my boss what’s going on and put in my notice at work.  We’ve been really leaning towards using the funds from selling our house to buy a small RV.  This would give Alana a place to home school while we are on the road, Sheila a place to nest and make home and allow us save on hotels and other housing while on the road.  It would also allow us to be less of a burden to churches that have us in and would allow us to keep at least one of our pets with us as we travel.  Looking at realtor websites I had figured we should be able to make around $25,000 profit on the sale of our house.  Unfortunately, when the realtors came over and showed us the comparables for our neighborhood, it turns out the profit will be closer to$5,000.  They also explained to us about decluttering our house in order to get it ready to sell which basically means taking everything that makes it home out and pack it up.  Finally they told us that if we really wanted to sell by June 1st, we probably needed to list it around March 1st.  We knew it was coming but this was sooner than we expected.  No matter how excited we are to be going where God wants us and doing what God wants us to do, it’s still hard to leave a place we’ve called home for the last 13 year.  Our daughter is having a more difficult time with it than we thought as well which makes it even more difficult to push on.

We all love snow and this winter seems to be full of it.  Everywhere except Memphis.  We’ve seen a total of maybe one quarter of an inch so far over the course of 3 snowfalls.  It seems every time we go to bed listening to the weatherman say 3 to 5 inches of snow, we wake up to nothing.  It’s very discouraging to constantly get our hopes up and then wake up to nothing.  Add to that the fact that we thought maybe while we were on depuation in the RV we could at least visit snowy places and enjoy the snow there.  Except I now find out that most RV’s do not do well in the freezing weather and really only work with all the water removed from the living areas which means no shower, bathroom or sinks making the RV even less of a good idea.

I was really excited when the holidays had past and the New year had started.  I figured that now pastors would have a clean calender and meetings would just pour in.  Except, work and sickness really curtailed my ability to make calls.  The calls I have made haven’t been as productive as I’d hoped for either.  I’ve spoken to a lot of answering machines and voicemail.

Finally, a boy I had in my 4 year old boys sunday school class 7 years ago when I first started teaching it was found dead in the bathroom of his dad and step mom’s house.  The dad and step mom have been charged with capital murder in what a police officer has described as one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect he’s ever seen.  The death of a child is never an easy thing.  Especially a death like this.  But this was a young man I had invested time and love in and it has just kind of caught me off guard.

Through all this, God has been present and active.  It’s very easy to see Him moving and to feel His presence.  I may not always understand what He’s doing or why but I know He’s there.  He continues to teach me to lean not on my own understanding.  It’s not always easy, but He’s always there and that makes it impossible to quit.