I’m back!

When I first started this blog/website I was hoping to update it at least every week if not more so.  Unfortunately, as things got busier and more hectic, it has fallen by the wayside.  But, as the title states, I’m back and I’m definitely going to update it at least every week.  So onto the first post of a new year.


Deputation has turned out to be as much work as blessing.  Generally, I spend about 5 hours a day researching and calling churches.  A lot of the time I end up leaving a voice message on a machine but many times I get a chance to talk with someone.  Most of these calls don’t end with a meeting but just speaking with various pastors and their staff has been tremendously rewarding.  Some of the intricate ways God ties everything together really becomes clear as I talk to various people.  We both know the same person from 10 years ago or we both are from the same town near Chicago.  I’m given answers to prayers without them knowing what they are telling me or I just get to be a blessing to them by listening to their burdens and praying for them.  It gets difficult at times calling all these answering machines and never hearing back but every time it gets like that, God blesses with a special phone call.

Thank you to all the people who’ve taken or will take the time to talk with me a few minutes.  You truly bless me in so many ways.

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