A time of training

Throughout my whole life I can show you God’s hand in it.  From training and coaxing to correction and guiding, He has always been very active in my life.  Even before I got saved, His presence is easy to show  Yet, it’s still amazing to see it so clearly like I did last week.

I called a Pastor to ask about presenting our burden.  He explained to me that they had all the missionaries they could support presently and he had a waiting list of missionaries that had already contacted him.  He told me not to get discouraged and to stay faithful.  He stated he understood how difficult deputation could be.  He said he had just come back from a conference in Pennsylvania where the Pastor told the congregation a story of a missionary who had been on deputation for 6 years and was close to giving up.  I explain to the Pastor that I’m enjoying deputation as I view it as time of training given to me by God.

I believe God placed us on deputation to learn and grow in order to be ready for the unique challenges and trials we will face on the field He has called us to.  God may use deputation for other reasons in the lives of others, but for us, I believe it’s to grow, teach and train us.  However, I have been a bit worried about how slowly the year has started and our current level of support.

Two days later two different  Pastor’s calls me.  The first wants to let me know their church has voted to take us on for support and the second wants to send me a missionary questionnaire before inviting us in to present.

Looking over the questionnaire, I realize that even tho I know the answer to all these questions, I’ve never had to sit down and specifically answer them definitively.

So I started the week off telling a Pastor I enjoyed deputation because I feel it’s a time of training and blessings and ended the week blessed with additional support as well as learning how to clearly and specifically answer questions  I know the answers to but not how to express those answers specifically and clearly.

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