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Monthly Archives August 2013

A blessing and a curse

I’ve been calling Pastors and Churches now for about a month.  I have spoke with more answering machines and voice mail boxes than I can count.  But I must say it’s been an amazing blessing.  Each day I get to see God show me another piece and lay another thread and it’s such an amazing blessing.  Yet each day I also talk to Pastors and men of various churches that are hurting and need prayer.  Satan is very real and attacks these men each and every day.  Please pray not only for me and this family but pray for all of God’s family.  These men truly need prayer and God’s encouragement.  Please remember them.

Thank you Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church of Cape Girardeau, MO

We had our very first meeting on Sunday Evening, August 11th at Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo.  

Thank you to our close friends Pastor Lee Thompson, his wife Tracy and their daughters Christin and Andrea for giving us our first meeting.


The people of Lighthouse Bible Baptist are amazing.  They offered me lots of grace and encouragement as I nervously worked thru my first meeting.  The DVD player sitting on top of the projector got too hot and failed to work at first and my sermon ran a bit longer than I thought it would.  My wife and daughter also pointed out a few areas I need to work on but it was an amazing blessing to be there.


Thank you God for this calling you placed upon our lives and Thank you to Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church for your patience and prayers.


First Meeting

The time has come to finally start taking meetings.  I was at first a bit overwhelmed with the number of churches on the lists I have and my plan to send a packet to each and every one of them.  I couldn’t figure out where to start or how to prioritize my lists.  I talked with a few people and finally just sat down and started calling churches.  I sent out packets to a short list created by my church but everyone else will get a call first.  Things have gone well so far and my first meeting is in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Our video is up as well as several letters of recommendation.  Things are moving forward and God is blessing.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, help, guidance and anything else you’ve done for us.