Sharing Christ with the US Military in Germany

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Monthly Archives July 2013

Back in Chattanooga

The Lord has brought us back to the BIMI campus in Chattanooga to work on our deputation video.  A local church is letting us stay in their missionary apartment and it’s an amazing blessing.  Still not sure how the video will come out.  I am too much a facts, figures and numbers kind of guy to write a script appealing to the hearts of most people but I tried to put down what God has put in my heart.  People have helped edit it but there is still a lot of me in it. Finding and selecting pictures for the video has been the hardest part.  The chaos the caused to our pictures and albums make it very difficult to find anything useful.  Combine that with the fact that we don’t often take pictures of us doing the things we want to show us doing in the video and God is going to have to work a miracle with this video.