On January 1st of 2013, Sheila, Alana and I were preparing to spend the rest of our lives serving God here.   Since graduation, I had pursued every avenue to serve full time that came up.  Each time God told me no.  I continued to serve here but was always looking elsewhere.  I finally told God that, if because of my past, the only thing I would be allowed to do was serve here and raise my daughter as a strong second generation Christian, then I would be satisfied and do all I could here.  We started looking at paying off our bills and getting a larger house.

God suddenly opened the door to what had been our hearts desire and everything aligned to bring us to Baptist International Missions, Inc.  In all the events, it was impossible not to see God’s hand moving and working.

On June 3rd, we interviewed with and were accepted as missionaries serving with BIMI.  July 15th thru the 18th, we will be putting together our video  presentation.  I hope to be taking meetings by the last weekend of July.  It’s amazing how fast things are moving.

God is Good!

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